“Lori Hartwell’s message is inspiring and her enthusiasm infectious. She really connected with our audience not only about their role in helping patients lead better lives, but also about the importance of seeing patients as people first.” -Paul Brooks, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society 

"Incredible, poignant personal story that motivates and inspires kidney caregivers to continue to help patients achieve the quality of life they want and deserve.  A must-do experience as only Lori can do." -Allen R. Nissenson, MD, Chief Medical Officer of DaVita HealthCare Partners

"Personal, funny, compassionate & passionate. A motivational speaker with a strong message of hope. As the last speaker of our conference , she received a standing ovation  from the audience. on Friday afternoon." - Arizona State Conference Meeting Planner 

"We would like you to be our key note speaker at the end of our conference... We have all decided that you are a pretty hard act to follow." -Joe Carlucci, CEO, American Renal Associates (ARA)

"Thank you for the amazing presentation at the Patient Network workshop. You are funny and have a great way of presenting lots of information in a nice format…  I gained a great deal from your presentation." -Cheryl Hasegawa, LCSW  Medical Social Worker

“Lori Hartwell’s presentation on ‘Communicating with Health Care Providers: A Patient’s Journey’ was the perfect way to start our 2 day conference.  Lori infuses humor and inspiration into practical pearls that all care providers can benefit from.  The audience was moved by her honesty and the words of wisdom she shared while visually engaging us with her own ‘yellow brick road’ across the stage.  Amazing!”  - Nancy Colobong Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN

"Having known Lori for over 20 years, I can honestly say she has been the most inspirational speaker of my 30 years in nephrology. She is source of hope and a shining example for not only our renal patients and families, but for staff, physicians, and anyone involved in the support of our kidney disease population"
-Sandra Corrigan, FNP-BC, CNN

"Lori Hartwell is an excellent speaker. She has been a favorite at the annual conference of the California Dialysis Conference for many years. Lori easily relates to all of our attendees including nephrology nurses, doctors, administrators, managers, and executives. Her style is casual and funny which leads to lively audience participation. Lori demonstrates that a positive attitude and genuine concern goes a long way in attaining the highest quality patient care. Her charisma is infectious. Attendees feel compelled to ask questions and will return to their daily work with a better understanding of how patients think and feel. I would highly recommend Lori to any organization looking for a passionate presenter with a meaningful message that can engage a diverse audience." - Andrea Messina, Executive Director, California Dialysis Council

"Lori is a remarkably effective speaker. She personalizes her direct, informative and advisory comments with appropriate revelations about her story. She tailors her clearly delivered speech to the audience, whether people living with kidney disease, doctors, dialysis staff etc. She can give an effective 60 minute or 5 minute talk. I always come away from listening to Lori's speeches with hope. I highly recommend Lori Hartwell as an inspirational speaker." - Joyce  Jackson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Kidney Centers

"Lori is a dynamic speaker with the ability to connect with diverse audiences. She uses her own experiences and a good dash of humor to help communicate her own story and her inspiring message of utilizing hope to overcome adversity. I would highly recommend Lori for your next meeting." Caroline J. Poulton, MSW
Research Projects Manager, UNC Kidney Center

"ASN awards the President's Medal to individuals whose contributions have exerted a profound and positive impact on the kidney community. As a patient advocate and President of Renal Support Network, Ms. Hartwell has advanced the quality of life for countless people living with kidney disease. As a patient, her eloquence, enthusiasm and good humor have inspired countless medical professionals to continue to search for a cure for kidney diseases, and to involve patients in all aspects of that search. I was honored to award the President's Medal to Ms. Hartwell, and I thank her for being part of the Kidney Week Celebration." - Bruce Molitoris, MD, FASN, President 2013, ASN

"Lori is an inspiring public speaker, eloquent as a patient advocate and able to convey the serious challenges of living with chronic disease with grace and humor. Her presentations are always well informed, full of passion and compelling for patients, professionals and the general public. The attendees at ASN Kidney Week 2013 were inspired by her acceptance speech during the ceremony awarding her the distinguished ASN Presidential Medal of Honor." - Sharon M. Moe, MD

"I'm a big fan of Lori Hartwell. For years I have been aware of her presence in the Southern California renal community by her involvement in a number of activities. But when I finally heard her speak at a regional nephrology symposium, I was awestruck - both by her message and by the way she communicated that message. I have never been so completely transferred inside the mind of a patient. People caring for kidney patients owe it to themselves to listen to a Lori Hartwell presentation." Peter Crooks, MD, Physician Director, Kaiser Permanente Renal Program

"Judging from the spontaneous remarks of many of the attendees, the audience really enjoyed your talk. Several mentioned they learned a lot from it." Raymond Hakim, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Renal Care Group

"You were our highest rated speaker this year with comments such as, Lori was excellent, inspirational and gives hope for the future of patients."Leslie Ford LePard, Regional Administrator, Greenfield Health System

"Awesome, masterful, incredible, funny, brilliant, profound…a few of the words that come to mind when I think of you (Lori) and your presentation." -Jeanne Tinkle, RN CNN, UTMB, Galveston Texas

"Bravo! Should speak at every ANNA and NKF conference. Could have listened for hours, very entertaining, motivational and informative. Everyone involved in patient care should hear her speak." -ANNA Action attendee comments