Speech Topics for the General Public

Lessons Learned
Throughout her life, Lori has overcome the odds again and again. In this powerful and entertaining presentation, she shares the lessons she has learned along the way.

Do You Make a Difference?
Lori discusses her tragedies, her triumphs, and the health care heroes who motivated her and kept her from losing hope as she learned to live—and live well—with kidney disease.

Four Words That Will Change Your Life
Everyone experiences fear, and in its most extreme form, fear can paralyze you. Lori shares some of the tips and strategies she has relied on to achieve her goals in her professional and personal lives despite a severe illness and more than 45 surgeries.

Organ Donation: Myth or Fact?
In an inspiring talk on the importance of organ donation and transplantation, Lori shares the pros and cons of receiving a kidney transplant. This gift of life proves that anything is possible with today's advanced technology, and Lori’s story will touch your heart.